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Dark Signs

Download From Terminal Zero Download Dark Signs from Terminal Zero
Buy Dark Signs from RegNow Price: $22.95 (US)

Description of Dark Signs :

Get a free 2 - 3 month Dark Signs Online beta testing account when you order!

By completing registration here, you are preordering Dark Signs. The game is expected to be released February in 2003. When the game is released, you will be notified immediately and given a download URL.

The story of Dark Signs focuses around the massive government conspiracy to protect information regarding extra terrestrial life and technology from the public eye.

Ever since the early 1900's there have been numerous reports of crashed UFOs all over the world, the most well known incident being in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

A secret organistaion, the Majestic 12, are in charge of dealing with these issues, and are given permission to do whatever may be neccessary to cover up all cases and information, and spread lies to confuse the public. Click 'storyline' on the side menu for more information.

Features include...

Dark Signs includes its own scripting language, codenamed D-SCRIPT. It has full support for the console interface, and supports advanced programming commands such as IF...ELSE...ELSEIF...ENDIF, LOOPS, PAUSE, VARIABLES, and much, much more. This alone gives Dark Signs an amazing amount of flexibility.

Dark Signs features a fully customizable icon based GUI system.

Dark Signs is much, much, more than CONNECT, CRACK, DISCONNECT. The console features over 60 unique commands, and over 30 function commands which can be used in combination with D-SCRIPT.

Edit your in game system files... just the way you want. Change your startup script, make it do what you want when the game starts. You can even make it start playing music files automatically.

There are many more features in this game, check the website ( for more information.

By completing registration here, you are preordering Dark Signs. The game is expected to be released February in 2003. When the22.95

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