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WanSpy Download
Download From Vineet Jain Download WanSpy from Vineet Jain File Size: 1946(KB)
Buy WanSpy from RegNow Price: $90 (US)

Description of WanSpy (Latest Version 1.5):

WanSpy is simple and robust software for monitoring traffic on your expensive WAN links connected to Cisco Router. It is used to determine which machine is talking to which machine, top 10 bandwidth users, and Interface load monitoring and traffic pattern on each interface etc. WanSpy uses the IP Accounting feature of Cisco® routers to perform its operation. It displays IP Accounting data in a user-friendly table format - Source IP address, Destination IP address and Number of packets transmitted. In addition WanSpy supervises basic and extended parameters of the Cisco router and its interfaces Features Monitor the traffic on your expensive WAN Link connected to your Cisco® router. It can show you live data generated on the WAN port of the router by different machines in the network. You can monitor the traffic on all interfaces of a Cisco router and have graphs showing incoming and outgoing octets on all interfaces It allows you to set Refresh Time according to network load. Graphical display of first 10 IP pairs in the table showing their percentage utilization of the overall bandwidth on WAN port. Monitoring all parameters of a Cisco router including description of these parameters. Graphical monitoring of important parameters like interface in and out packets, CPU utilization, Routers RAM utilization etc. Interface traffic graphs showing incoming and outgoing octets on all interfaces. Audio alarm generated when the number of bytes transferred exceeds the specified limit on the WAN port. The last alarm time is also displayed on screen. Export data to Excel Log file generated that stores the IP pair values which cross the specified limit. Facility to print reports showing source IP, destination IP, bytes transferred, packets transferred and violations on WAN port. Easy to use. SNMP version 2 compliant. Very simple upgradation path to all coming SNMP versions. Runs on Windows 95/98/2000 and Windows NT.

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