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Hidden Fields

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Hidden Fields

Download From Lomax Software / Voeing Download Hidden Fields from Lomax Software / Voeing
Buy Hidden Fields from RegNow Price: $19.95 (US)

Description of Hidden Fields :

Disaster! 28 beautiful artworks have disappeared from the museum. Trapped inside your computer and protected by fierce robot-monsters. Prepare your rescue droid, and enter the world of Hidden Fields!

Hidden Fields contains 28 stages of real fun and action. The game features brilliant sound effects and some of the finest 256 colors graphic.

Every stage is a challenge, and a new robot monster to defeat. Maneuver around the fields, build walls to trap this fiend, or collect weapons to destroy it. Watch out for the monsters henchmen, who hovers around the field looking for you.

As you discover the beautiful artwork behind each field, the monsters become more and more aggressive. One bad move and the monster will catch you!

Take on the challenge, and order now! Burt be warned, once you begin playing this addictive game, you may not be able to stop!

Features of the game:

Brillant 256 colors VGA graphic.
14 monsters, each more aggressive than the other.
Robot-monsters include fire-breathing heads, missile launchers, snake of doom and 11 others!
Really cool sound effects.
Awesome introduction music.
28 action packed stages.
Addictive, virtually violence free entertainment for the whole family.
Discover the mysterious pictures hidden behind each field.
Find out each robot-monster's weakness, and use it to capture or destroy it.
Adjustable difficulty levels from easy to virtually impossible.
Incredible background art.
Jaw-dropping final stage.

System Requirements:

  • High speed PC (386+ required).
  • VGA graphics.
  • 640kb (520kb free memory).
  • Supported sound cards:
    • Sound Blaster 1.0 and 2.0.
    • Sound Blaster Pro I and II.
    • Sound Blaster 16.
    • All 100% compatible.

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