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Download From Lomax Software / Voeing Download Terroid from Lomax Software / Voeing
Buy Terroid from RegNow Price: $19.95 (US)

Description of Terroid :

You are alone! Your home-planet has been destroyed by the people from XRIMA. Only you can free the Orbians - which has been taken to XRIMA - from death and slavery. Blast your way through space, orbit, planet surface and the megacity on XRIMA and free your people! This is none of all these XXX-level just-look-on-the-screen-and-hold-the-firebutton-games with two different enemy-types and a little-big-enemy-boss every five levels.

TERROID offers 9 levels filled with action, explosion and (of course) hundreds of different enemies, 2 bonuslevels with a 3D-flight through rings, mines and bonusitems and a training-game which guarantees endless gaming-fun on your way to the top-hiscore!!

Features of the game:

  • 9 levels filled with action, explosions and enemies.
  • 2 3D-bonus levels .
  • completely raytraced enemy graphics.
  • Multilevel-parallax-scrolling with ground, platforms, enemies and clouds/meteorites.
  • Hundreds of different enemies.
  • Extras (like shild, smartbomb) and different weapons (like laser, rockets, VX-shot, mines) to equip your fighter.
Includes training-mode with intelligent level-generation for endless blasting-action.

System Requirements:

  • High speed PC (386+ required).
  • VGA graphics.
  • 640kb (480kb free memory).
Get the ultimate action right now!

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