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BinaryExtendedText .NET

Download From Binarymission Technologies Limited Download BinaryExtendedText .NET from Binarymission Technologies Limited
Buy BinaryExtendedText .NET from RegNow Price: $5.99 (US)

Description of BinaryExtendedText .NET :

BinaryExtendedText .NET - An Extended and feature-rich "Text box" control for the Winforms .NET platform

BinaryExtendedText .NET Ver. 1.0 is an advanced Microsoft .NET WinForms control, providing a Visual Studio .NET styled , feature rich and highly configurable, "Text box" control for the Microsoft WinForms .NET platform.

BinaryExtendedText .NET is a typical .NET text box control, deriving from the .NET "TextBox" class, but in addition, provides its own custom painting functionality in order to support addtional graphical user interface effects.
The control supports two different styles for its display, viz., Standard Windows 3D text box style and an "extended feature rich" style. You can switch between these two styles at any time by setting the control's ExtendStyle property.
The "Extended" style provides for the following rich features :-
Custom border color - The control supports setting custom border color. By default, when the control is in the extended style mode, its borders are drawn using the system specificSelected Items color. You can set a different color for drawing the control's border, by setting its BorderColor property. Mouse hovering effects - While in extended style mode and when the input focus is not on the control, whenever the mouse focus moves over and out of the control, the control's borders are drawn and cleared respectively, giving a "Visual Studio .NET style" control hovering effects.
To change this default behavior, you can set the control'sShowBorderAlways property totrue, if you want the control's border to be displayed irrespective of whether the control has input focus or otherwise.
Feature highlights: Derives from .NET TextBox class and implements a custom painting functionality to provide extended GUI effects. 100 % C# .NET code Highly customisable control - exposes various properties to fully customise various display aspects Comprehensive MSDN style documentation.

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