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Port Defender

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Description of Port Defender :

The purpose of the product is to protect the computer from the most dangerous kind of viruses - so called "trojans" that can deceive firewall protection and steal information from your computer.

The way trojans work is quite simple - in order to transmit the information found on your computer they launch a new browser window. But you'd never guess that the main component of that window is a harmful script whose parameters are the transmitted information. What's worse the trojans cannot be stopped with multy-level protection system even latest anti-virus software and properly tuned firewalls cannot handle them too. In that case firewall as well as the anti-virus software are useless because the main purpose of the virus is not to find any breach in the protection but to transmit the information in quite legal though secret way.

Because nothing forbidden happens to system no anti-virus software will raise the alarm. Anti-virus software can recognize such virus only if it's already known. If the virus is brand-new then anti-virus protection will be at no use.

Such viruses can live in your computer for quite a long time. They do not make any harm to operational system or installed applications. Their goal is to collect and relay certain valuable information. Needless to say that situaion can be potentially dangerous - your login/password, private or business e-mail, passwords for various internet services, encrypted disks, bank account information, electronic payment system codes and keys - all of them can be easily obtained in such a way you'll never know how.

Usually the volume of that valuable information is quite small (a few kilobytes) and can be transmitted in a matter of seconds. Usually this information immediately goes to swindlers who use it to gain unauthorized access to bank accounts or payment system or things like that.

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