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TRIS Server

TRIS Server Download
Download From Theatre Of Your Mind Download TRIS Server from Theatre Of Your Mind File Size: 2210(KB)
Buy TRIS Server from RegNow Price: $19.95 (US)

Description of TRIS Server (Latest Version 1.00):

TRIS allows traditional pen & paper Role Playing Games to be conducted over the Internet.
It is a "client / server" application, and the Games Master controls all aspects of the game from his server software, while the players connect to his PC using their clients.
TRIS focuses mainly on ATMOSPHERE and STORYTELLING, as opposed to the more numbers oriented approach to gaming found in typical "hack and slash" systems.

These are some of the features found in TRIS:

  • Unique concept of The Scene.
  • "Walk-away" function that allows players to retreat from the main action and carry on playing without disturbing the main action.
  • Numerous ways to express your character.
  • Multiple ways to add and remove characters from a scene.
  • NPCs may or may not be known by their real name to the players.
  • Location and character descriptions are always available to players.
  • Generic or non-generic NPCs and locations.
  • Any player may be assigned any character at any time allowing for GM intervention and the use of co-GMs.
  • A player can at any time update his character description for all to see.
  • Built-in character name generator.
  • Spell checker.
  • Numerous features that help describe characters and locations.
  • The Game Master may pause the game at any time.
  • Story information may be presented to the players at any time.
  • Built-in dice roller.
  • Includes editor for character sheets that enable you to design character sheets for any game system, including pictures.

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