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Titan AntiVirus 2003

Download From Titan Technology, Inc. Download Titan AntiVirus 2003 from Titan Technology, Inc.
Buy Titan AntiVirus 2003 from RegNow Price: $29.95 (US)

Description of Titan AntiVirus 2003 :

Titan AntiVirus 2003 combines the world's most trusted antivirus solutions with additional features to protect and recover important files on your PCs. This easy-to-use program removes viruses automatically, without interrupting your work. And automatic updates help defend your PC against new viruses.
Key Features: Includes license for two computers; Includes step by step instructions for installation, even on a computer that has already been infected; Downloads new virus definitions automatically to protect against new viruses; Scans and cleans both incoming and outgoing email messages. Plus all the features of Titan AntiVirus Pro 2003, including: Super Power: 1)Automatically and accurately remove over 60000 viruses, worms, and Trojan horses - fast, safe and complete! with embedded modern SVR (Static Virus Removing) and IMVR (Internal Memory virus cleaning) technologies. 2)Enhanced DVR (Deep Virus Removing) technology efficiently remove viruses hidden in all ZIP files. 3)NEW! Remove NTFS viruses under DOS/Win9x environments. Highly Convenience: 1)Scan engine is smoothly integrated with the Windows taskbar and could be activated to scan any object when needed. 2)Very intuitive and user friendly Windows control panel-like interface, all the files in HD, Floppy drive, CD-ROM or mobile storage can be selected freely to scan. Very feasible! 3)Protect MS Office documents so that the files are scanned before the files are opened and the viruses (e.g. macro viruses) are removed before they even affect your files. Highly Automation: 1)Six monitoring functions (files/Internal Memory/email/Webpage/registry/scripts) protect all the possible entrances of viruses. Automatically remove viruses from email, webpages, file downloads, floppy drive, CD-ROM, mobile-storage and your LAN. 2)Protect your email and webpages by filtering the incoming/outgoing Internet data packets in real-time, remove the viruses before they even enter your system. More info visit

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