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ArkanoidXP! Download
Download From ImproGames & TRYBEFOREBUY PRODUCTIONS Download ArkanoidXP! from ImproGames & TRYBEFOREBUY PRODUCTIONS File Size: 4270(KB)
Buy ArkanoidXP! from RegNow Price: $9.95 (US)

Description of ArkanoidXP! (Latest Version 1.0):

ArkanoidXP! is a breakthru into variety of styles.

From now on, arkanoid fans will be able to choose game style and game type to their liking. Arkanoid XP is the game that gives such opportunity to you.

Basic distinctive features of the ArkanoidXP! game:

  1. Peculiar post-modern design;
  2. Tracker dance music.
  3. Various gameplay types.
  4. Original game world concept.
  5. 3D game design.
  6. On-the-fly ability of сhanging game speed.
  7. Plenty of extraordinary bonuses.
  8. Lots of episodes and levels.
  9. Level editor.
In addition.
The game meets various gaming needs. It suits both small children - they will see their favorite characters - and abstraction lovers who don't want to see anything at all!

Visit home page:

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