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Patience Pack 1

Download From Wigglesoft Ltd Download Patience Pack 1 from Wigglesoft Ltd
Buy Patience Pack 1 from RegNow Price: $6 (US)

Description of Patience Pack 1 :

Wigglesoft Patience Pack 1 consists of three unique patience games.

Corners Patience
The object of Corners Patience is to build up the four corner heaps in ascending value, keeping strictly to suit.

Sixteen cards are dealt in four rows of four, face upwards. The corner cards are all of different suites. Look first at the twelve exposed cards and transfer any of these, if possible, filling in any spaces by taking from the stock, which itself is built by dealing from the deck. The game ends when all cards in the deck have been dealt and no more moves are possible.

The game is won when all cards have been placed on the four corner heaps.

Sir Tommy Patience
The object of Sir Tommy Patience is to build up ascending sequences (Ace up to King) for each suite.

The cards are dealt face upwards into four heaps on the left; you may place any of the cards from the transient heap to the right heap. As the Aces appear they are placed on the foundation heap below the in-play heap, and whenever a card appears that may build on them in sequence it is of course so built.

The difficulty lies in deciding where to put the cards which will not go on to the foundation heap, for the exposed card of each heap is always available for building on the main sequences, and if you put a high card on a low one you risk blocking it.

Travellers Patience
The object of Travellers Patience is to place every card into its proper place before all the cards from the deck are dealt and the game is blocked.

Each game has twelve heaps with four cards each dealt face downwards. The game starts by dealing from the deck and placing it under the proper heap (i.e., a two under heap two, a Jack under heap eleven). When each card is placed the top card in the heap above the placed card is turned and that card is placed u6.00

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