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Description of Adron :

In this game you drives the fun purple character whose name is Adron. To win the game, you should complete all 112 levels, picking up different tasty bonuses, avoiding collisions with dangerous types of monsters and shells. Each game level is unique and has its own interesting features.
In order to complete a level, it should be eaten all the yellow dots, or it should be picked up the "Door" bonus. It'll allow you to go to the next level with new maze, new bonuses and monsters. This game have three difficulty modes: Kid-Mode, Normal and Nightmare.
Playing in Kid-Mode is easy because there are no monsters and no time limits.
In Normal and Nightmare modes in all levels there are the red "Mommy" monster, which is periodically dropping the eggs. Monsters are born from those egg from time to time, and because of that it is important to kick-n-crash all egg you can.
In Nightmare mode you'll meet the patrolling saws and with shooting cannons. Also it'll be a time limitations to complete each level, but you always can prolong it by picking up the "Watch" bonus.
By eating dots, bonuses and monsters you receive the score, which is recording in the Hall of Fame. Besides, by collecting score you receive additional lives.

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