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Disk Space Inspector

Disk Space Inspector Download
Download From AdvexSoft Download Disk Space Inspector from AdvexSoft File Size: 3405(KB)
Buy Disk Space Inspector from RegNow Price: $24.99 (US)

Description of Disk Space Inspector (Latest Version 2.0):

  • Check usage by owner on a selected volume to determine who is using the most space on a given volume.
  • Check usage by volume. Determine where you are running low on space and where you have extra space. Save results for determining usage patterns over time.
  • Check usage by directory. Allows to see which directory structure is using the most space, or exactly which directory is using the space.
  • Check usage by file. Allows determine which types of files are using the most space by pattern or size.
  • Check by date. Allows determine usage by creation date, modify date, or access date.
  • Disk Space Pie Chart allows view disk space disrtibution on the pie chart.
  • Disk Report allows to save file & disk data to text files (HTML,CSV)

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