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Texas Hold'Em Odds Advisor

Download From Jeff Goslin Download Texas Hold'Em Odds Advisor from Jeff Goslin
Buy Texas Hold'Em Odds Advisor from RegNow Price: $29.99 (US)

Description of Texas Hold'Em Odds Advisor :

When playing Texas Hold'Em, it is very useful to know which hands to play during pre-flop betting, and to determine what hands are worth risking your money on. This program is very useful for online gambling . By entering the cards of your hand as they are dealt, you can play only those hands that are much more likely to yield a win. Once the flop is dealt, the program advises you on hand possibilities and pot odds to better your chances. By utilizing data gathered from literally millions of actual hands of Texas Hold'Em poker, this program first analyzes the likelihood that your two pre-flop cards will result in a win. The data used to provide this advice is based entirely of real money data, and because of this, the results from our program are highly accurate and extremely dependable. After analyzing your pre-flop hand, the program calculates the odds of hitting an "out", a card that will improve your hand, and advises you on how to bet based on pot odds. The demo is fully functional, and will give you the information you need to help you on your path to becoming a better poker player, because you are armed with knowledge, the key to the game. The shareware version of the program is designed to show you what the program is capable of, and allow you to use many of the features during real, live play. The capabilities of the shareware version are set up to show you everything that the program is capable of doing. Most of the functions, however, are limited in their usefulness in some way. With the unregistered, shareware version of the program, the strategy takes longer and longer to return as you use the program more and more, and the pot odds and hand calculations are not provided past the flop. The program will ALWAYS return accurate information. The registered version simply provides more information than you get with the shareware version.

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