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Defrag V6 Professional Edition [ENG]

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Defrag V6 Professional Edition [ENG]

Download From CompreSoft Download Defrag V6 Professional Edition [ENG] from CompreSoft
Buy Defrag V6 Professional Edition [ENG] from RegNow Price: $41.99 (US)

Description of Defrag V6 Professional Edition [ENG] :

O&O Defrag V6 is the new generation of the successful O&O Defrag. It allows you to achieve and maintain the highest degree of performance with minimal effort. You only need a few mouse clicks to adjust all the settings and from now on O&O Defrag V6 will make sure to keep performance at a maximal level.

The new O&O Defrag V6 Professional Edition for Windows workstations activates your computer's lost performance: It optimizes hard drives with Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows NT 4 Workstation. O&O Defrag V6 puts together the fragmented files in your system and arranges them in order, thus, optimizing the process of read/write file access and significantly increasing system speed. This most recent version contains amazing new features, designed to make your system optimization easy-to-use and professional, which you will not find in any competitor's product.

Why O&O Defrag? - O&O Defrag V6 solves the performance and stability problems caused by hard drive fragmentation. Saving, modifying and deleting files leads to their division in single fragments which are then distributed all over the drive. Fragmentation is the main reason for performance loss under Windows. Since the hard drive is the slowest component in computers, optimizing them is particularly important. O&O Defrag V6 puts the file fragments back together and sorts them out if needed, so that you can read and write files faster. Thus O&O Defrag V6 reactivates performance you thought had vanished. Rest assured: From now on your expensive hardware will be giving its best. Latest technologies give you the best results for the lowest cost.

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