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Remote Admin Tools source code license

Download From Remote Office Download Remote Admin Tools source code license from Remote Office
Buy Remote Admin Tools source code license from RegNow Price: $61 (US)

Description of Remote Admin Tools source code license :

Remote Admin Tools with complete source code for Delphi and C++ Builder!

cca 16.000 lines of code, commented in English language, written for Delphi (tested on D4, D5, D6 & D7) and Borland C++ Builder (tested on BCB5 & BCB6), can be tested and purchased from the Remote Office forum ( Using Remote Tools Source Code, you can easily add Remote Administration functionality to your existing Delphi or C++ Applications.

If you License the Source code, you get the complete source code package, including all files needed to compile all Remote Admin Tools (with the Remote Desktop option). You can use and modify the code, compile it and sell it (as remote tools or as part of your Application) in executable form, without paying any royalties. You also get a lifetime source code License, with access to the Source Code Discussion forum and all upcoming source code updates.

To add remote functionality to your Applications, you won't even have to change a single line of your existing code. If you want, you can also create your own Remote Administration Tools for general purpose usage.

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