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Doulber Gold

Download From PHELIOS Inc. Download Doulber Gold from PHELIOS Inc.
Buy Doulber Gold from RegNow Price: $24.95 (US)

Description of Doulber Gold :

Prepare yourself. Hes purple. Hes proud and hes ready to fight the enemy. The hungry bug from deep down in the ground is here. Forget that you cant pronounce his name or youre not sure what kind of bug he is. (He claims to be an ant but weve never seen one with flippers). He doesnt mind what you think of him. His mission in life is to find a partner (like you!) to team up with him and take a colossal voyage. With Doulber (thats DOOL-bur by the way), youll travel to 6 worlds, over 130 caves, secret spaces and puzzling places. Youll encounter rats that are sneaking around to get you; youll have to dodge some creepy crawly creatures; youll break through walls and rocks using bombs youve collected. But best of all, youll help find Doulbers favorite gems: diamonds. He digs them to a great degree, and might even consider them his best friends--but hes not as superficial as he sounds. Because Doulber is quite a spiritual bug, and meditates quite often. Also, buried in his deepest desires, is a craving for the adventures that lead him to the troves of treasure. This thrill seeker hungers for escapades that include danger, intrigue, crushing avalanches, blazing lava, some bombs here and there, and of course: you. Take on the Doulber Gold challenge and youll get:

6 Worlds: Maya, Ice, Jungle, Space, Circus and Metal
100 Levels of Doulber Gold FUN
More than 30 secret and puzzle levels
Cool visual effects, animation, music and sound effects
Free hints, level solutions and game support from Phelios and their forums
Free upgrades
Wide selection of levels and Variety of Game Play
Family entertainment from kids to the most clever adults
Hours of fun-filled time playing Doulber Gold
See the Doulber Gold Trailer here:

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