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Download From filehunter software Download PDFSearcher from filehunter software File Size: 3400(KB)
Buy PDFSearcher from RegNow Price: $35 (US)

Description of PDFSearcher (Latest Version 1.0.5):

PDFSearcher can search PDF files for text and convert PDF files to text files. The program finds PDF files on your computer and searches inside pdf files.
Filehunter is a unique file finding program.

The program can be used to locate files matching search parameters very quickly.

PDFSearcher can now search ZIP files for PDF Files within the archive.

The features of PDFSearcherr are -
* locate search searchstrings
* display search results
* view files and
* perform file operations.
* search within Search results

The individual PDF files within the zip files are listed.

PDFSearcher's search parameters are disk/ directory, extensions, dates, file size, attributes and text.

The program can
* load search results
* search within search results
* add extra directories to previously saved search results
* perform fast searches
* search zip files
* find files before certain dates, after specific dates, within specified date ranges, outsides date ranges or within days either side of a dateB
* search all storage devices attached to your system, including floppy drives, hard drives, CDDVD Rom drives, and network drives.
* file results can be sorted by file name, file folder, size , file type, dates, number of occurrences a search string appears in a file and file attributes in ascending and descending orderB
* display file properties by right clicking file resultsB
* find directoriesB
* search multiple directories and drives,B
* display file extensions registered on your computer,B
* use user defined extensions,
* save and load search parameters,
* use modified, created and last accessed dates,
* match file sizes and attributes,B
* use case sensitive search strings,
* view the number of occurrences of a search string in a file,
* view search strings in multiple files,
* view files
* search resul35.00

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