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Download From DIY DataRecovery Download DiskPatch from DIY DataRecovery File Size: 1200(KB)
Buy DiskPatch from RegNow Price: $49.95 (US)

Description of DiskPatch :

DiskPatch can make backups of key disk structures on a low level. For restoring these backups you do not even have to keep a special diskette, any diskette containing DiskPatch can restore these backups. You do not have to worry about the diskette that contains the backups going bad, or even being lost. DiskPatch allows you to backup key disk structures: The MBR, partition tables and even the Windows 2000/XP LDM database on Dynamic Disks.

Standard cloning tools such as Ghost (tm. Symantec) or DriveImage (tm. Powerquest / Symantec) don't let you create reliable copies when the disk is going bad. DiskPatch deals with bad sectors and will transfer all readable sectors to another hard drive. Many people have recovered disks this way (including most data) while Scandisk, Chkdsk or Norton DiskDoctor wouldn't even touch the original drive! Cloning a disk is often the answer to problems and dataloss due to bad sectors in key areas like the boot sector, FAT or MFT.

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