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PTS-DOS 2000 (Russian)

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PTS-DOS 2000 (Russian)

Download From PTS Download PTS-DOS 2000 (Russian) from PTS
Buy PTS-DOS 2000 (Russian) from RegNow Price: $19.95 (US)

Description of PTS-DOS 2000 (Russian) :

PTS-DOS is the powerful and fastest DOS with network support, file manager, archiver, internal boot viruses protection and numerous utilities package. Now PTS-DOS pack contains graphical web browser, e-mail client, telnet and ftp client!

Built-in boot manager.

PTS-DOS without any external boot manager may be manually configured to boot up to 10 operating systems including other DOS, Linux, Windows, or OS/2 on one PC.

Internet applications pack. PTS-DOS 2000 provides you with everything you need for work with Internet. Powerful DOS Internet applications pack contains telnet, ftp client and graphical web browser Arachne. It provides you with dial-up, web browsing, e-mail sending and reading and more.

PTS-DOS is certified by Russian Ministry of Defence.

Some reasons to use PTS-DOS

less memory usage in comparison with any other DOS;
internal boot-viruses protection;
more disk space with powerful compression utility FOLDER;
improved syntax of the configuration file and extended configuration commands set;
possibility of a selective modification of the configuration file using a menu or data stored in CMOS or ROM;
possibility to execute configuration file commands step-by-step;
flexible strategy of allocating system data and code;
possibility to open 65,535 files simultaniously;
selective file access system built into the core;
non-standard disk formats support;
extended system calls set;
possibility of improving performance of an AT-type computer by five to ten per cent.
full-functional Internet pack including web browser, e-mail client, telnet, ftp client.
Hardware requirements
To install and use PTS-DOS you need a PC with the following minimum hardware requirements:

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