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Radar Screensaver

Download From Xander Zerge Download Radar Screensaver from Xander Zerge File Size: 2655(KB)
Buy Radar Screensaver from RegNow Price: $14.95 (US)

Description of Radar Screensaver (Latest Version 1.70):

The Radar Screensaver is a modern and beautiful screen saver that will turn a monitor of your PC into a screen of the fantastic radar, watching the sky, sea or cosmic spaces. If you have a powerful computer and it has more than one monitor, you could configure Radar Screensaver to show different situations on different screens. This will produce unrepeatable feelings in the time when you will decide to do some rest off your work. FEATURES: Adjustable speed/direction of rotation; Bidirectional antenna mode; Air traffic intensity (1-100 objects simultaneously); Noise from relief and clouds; Realistic geometric distortions; Terrain contour map projection; Several grid sets; Special "sector displays" to see the ray in four quadrants; Animated digital object markers; Adjustable colors of ray, grid and markers; Color cyclic mode - eliminates static elements, and looks impressive; Adjustable animation smoothness (10-100 frames per second); Selectable screen resolution and color depth; Multi monitor support with independent simulation mode; Easy translation to other languages.

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