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Qurb Anti-Spam Software for MS-Outlook/Express

Download From Qurb Download Qurb Anti-Spam Software for MS-Outlook/Express from Qurb File Size: 72(KB)
Buy Qurb Anti-Spam Software for MS-Outlook/Express from RegNow Price: $29.95 (US)

Description of Qurb Anti-Spam Software for MS-Outlook/Express :

PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2003 and 2004
PC Magazine Best of 2003

"Qurb couldn't be more elegant or simpler to use. It adds a mere three buttons and a folder to your Microsoft Outlook client, and it uses nothing but a whitelist to filter incoming messages."
Cade Metz and Larry Seltzer

"Qurb is the only spam fighter we've seen that stops 100 percent of junk e-mail straight out of the box. Impressive? You bet."
CNET product review, March 25, 2003


From the moment you finish installing Qurb, 100% of spam will be blocked from your Outlook or Outlook Express inbox.

Qurb works like CallerID for e-mail. During installation, Qurb scans your contacts folder and your e-mail folders to create a list of approved senders with whom you communicate.

As you work with your e-mail, Qurb automatically updates this list continuously. E-mail from people you know is delivered directly to your inbox; all other e-mail is quarantined, awaiting further review or automatic deletion.

- No training or learning process required
- No spam in your Inbox ever again
- Easy to use and understand
- List of approved senders is automatically created and updated as you work with your e-mail
- Modifications to the list of approved senders can be performed manually at any time
- Mailing lists and entire companies can be added to your approved sender list
- Prevents spammers from reaching your Inbox by fraudulently pretending to be someone on your list of approved senders (including you!)

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