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Mac Pilot

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Description of Mac Pilot :

With its complete feature set and easy to use interface, Mac Pilot is truly your digital companion. Easily run advanced system optimization scripts, enable hidden options and features, and even erase your tracks!

Whether you're dealing with sensitive information, or even just birthday shopping, Mac Pilot will put your heart at ease with its ability to erase the most common signs of computer usage. It can, but is not limited to, forgetting about recently opened files, visited web sites, and launched applications!

Pro user or not, you can now optimize your system for best performance. No more dealing with troublesome command lines, and mind boggling acronyms! By clicking only a couple of buttons you can update your prebinding, rebuild your 'whatis' database, force empty the trash, run 'cron', repair disk permissions, and much more.

But, none of those are the REAL gold that Mac Pilot is hiding. Everyone loves the updates Apple brings us each year with a new version of the Mac OS. However, some features and enhancements don't make the final cut  but they're still there. A lot of these features can not only help improve your productivity, but also make using your Mac more fun! Let's not forget you can also turn off all these extra dazzling features, and a lot of the animations which slow down the Mac OS on older machines.

Finally, we come to our competitors. They're always trying to keep up, and they're doing a decent job. But we're always the ones to throw in those few extra features, get back to you within 24 hours for technical support, and deliver at a MUCH lower price (compared to what you get)! How can you go wrong?

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