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Download From easystockdater Download easyStockConverter from easystockdater
Buy easyStockConverter from RegNow Price: $29.98 (US)

Description of easyStockConverter :

EasyStockConverter converts, filters, copies and deletes stock quotes and handles the production of symbol / stock ticker lists.

Easy stock converter is the complete tool box to handle all stock data convertion tasks.

Convertion functions -------------------------

Data input section: - Load and read stock data files into a preview text window; for better understanding of the stock data format structure. - Input data delimination - Input file extension - Data input folder - 9 Data input fields, which can be individualy set to TICKER, INTERVALL, DATE, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE, VOLUME, OTHER, EMPTY, COMPANY NAME, MARKET PLACE - Empty symbole / ticker use file name - Empty intervall value - Empty volume value

Data output section: - Output data delimination - Date format - Output data folder - 11 Data output fields, which can be individualy set to TICKER, INTERVALL, DATE, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE, VOLUME, OTHER, EMPTY, COMPANY NAME, MARKET PLACE - Reverse data sequence - Auto Mode - Split dedection and ajustment for prices and volumes - Delete files in output folder befor convertion - Output file extension - Volume number format manipulation - Put data in single file option

Filter: Between the input and output section the user can set variouse filters, in order to converte and control only the wanted stock datas, such as - Volume input filter (liquitity check) with position size control - Periodes input counter filter example; the file must have at least 300 data lines - Today's date validation example; the newest date has to be '2002 12 31' - Junk price filter example; filter out all prices below 10 or above 1000 points

Other functions -------------------

Create symbol list from files in folder: After you have completed the convertion and filter routine, create automaticly a symbol / ticker list from files in the output folder. Later you may use this list with easyStockDater to download and update your stock data base.

Copy files from symbol 29.98

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