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About Niches

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Description of About Niches :

How many emails did you get today from people trying to tell you how to sell online?

That's not a "trick" question. There are thousands of people on the Internet trying to tell you how to sell.

Have you ever asked yourself how many of them have actually sold anything in the real world. . .ever? Not to mention selling to niches.

Everywhere you turn you are reading, "target this or target that," or "niches equal riches." Yes, niche marketing is important. The truth of the matter is that ALL marketing is niche marketing if you are doing it right!

Back in the olden days

Sometimes we get so caught up in the "newness" of the internet that we forget how business used to be conducted. I'm talking about back in the days when sales people weren't afraid to admit that they sold stuff for a living and actually went out in the world and met people and made sales. What a concept!

Have you ever heard the term, "natural born salesman?" Or maybe it was, "she could sell ice cubes to Eskimos?" There are people who seem to have a natural talent for selling anything to anyone. They have no trouble selling to a niche.

Learning how to sell anything to anyone doesn't require a magic wand. Nor is there any "divine intervention" that determines that one person will become a successful sales person and another will fail.

If you take a long, hard look at the really successful marketers online you will discover that most of them sold stuff in the brick and mortar world before they ever took their businesses online.

There's a real hidden message there if you think about it. People come online, read the hype and think they are going to become wealthy overnight. It just ain't goona happen folks!

Would you like to know the real secret?

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