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East-Tec CryptSecure 2005

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East-Tec CryptSecure 2005

Download From EAST Technologies Download East-Tec CryptSecure 2005 from EAST Technologies
Buy East-Tec CryptSecure 2005 from RegNow Price: $39.95 (US)

Description of East-Tec CryptSecure 2005 :

Keep your private data away from those prying eyes, by securely encrypting it with East-Tec CryptSecure 2005. Just think of the sensitive files that lie unprotected on your PC (financial and business data, credit card numbers, personal messages or images, password files, etc.), or that CD/DVD or USB flash drive containing private files that you usually carry on with you, or that laptop with sensitive data that you cannot travel without and that could be stolen anytime, or those email messages you send out with insecure attachments, or the data you backup insecurely. Using East-Tec CryptSecure 2005 to encrypt your data in all scenarios above, you can relax because even if other people have access to your PC, laptop, CD/DVD, USB flash drive, e-mail messages or your backup, they won't be able to actually access any of your data, because everything is encrypted and protected by a password. You can store your data a digital safe, that acts just like any other disk drive from your computer, where you can perform operations, such as copying, transferring, and compressing files. You can hide your safe at anytime by closing it with a single mouse click, and make it look like any other file from your PC. East-Tec CryptSecure 2005 also allows you to encrypt your data in secure encrypted files, which are just like ZIP archives, but everything is encrypted and protected with a password. Because the program lets you create self-decrypting executable files, you can send secure files to anyone, even if that person doesn't have East-Tec CryptSecure 2005 installed. Additional security features implemented in East-Tec CryptSecure 2005 make it even harder for other people to access your data: when not used, safes can be easily burried among the other millions of files from your PC; by shutting down all access to the keyboard, the passwords that you type in cannot be intercepted by any spyware or key loggers; there are no back doors, so no one can decrypt your data without the password.39.95

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