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Capturix VideoSpy

Capturix VideoSpy Download
Download From Capturix Download Capturix VideoSpy from Capturix File Size: 8160(KB)
Buy Capturix VideoSpy from RegNow Price: $39.03 (US)

Description of Capturix VideoSpy (Latest Version 3.03.1504):

The digital surveillance system is now available for your PC. Capturix VideoSpy is a complete software that combines video surveillance and domotics.
Supports any video for windows device (like USB Webcam or Tv Tuner card) and network cameras or video servers.
With this software you can record all video activity with a programmed schedule, insert data in picture, work as a motion detector, record sound, program alerts to be trigged by events (example: send a e-mail when detects a movement) and controling lights, sensors or electronic devices by using a open source ActiveX controls allowing users to create their own devices. This software also have support for motorized cameras, using a standard joystick you can control all your surveillance cameras (for this feature is also available a open source ActiveX control ).
A space manager prevents you to get a full hard disk.
The remote access feature ables you to connect or call to your remote system over a browser to consult your video archive or even get live images from all your cameras connected to this system.
A Administrator password prevents normal users from changing settings or disconnecting devices.
All application states, user actions can be saved as a Activity Log file all actions and events can used to search for a image on media archive.
You even record the screen of the computer, this can be useful if your computer is shared with more people.
Ready for multiple processor systems

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