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Time Table Rhyme eBook

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Time Table Rhyme eBook

Download From Time Table Rhyme Download Time Table Rhyme eBook from Time Table Rhyme
Buy Time Table Rhyme eBook from RegNow Price: $19.95 (US)

Description of Time Table Rhyme eBook :

Time Table Rhyme eBook - learn the multiplication tables using the powerful "number image" memory system Time Table Rhyme uses a unique "number image" system to give numbers a tangible picture in your childs imagination.

A self-contained 3D page-turning computer eBook that includes colourful graphics and a short story to help you guide your child through memory of the multiplication tables.

Colourful pictures create a number image in your child's mind, together with a short story and rhyming punch line that help your child remember the multiplication tables quickly, in either a random or sequential format.

Our schools put great emphasis on multiplying single-digit numbers (for example 8 x 7, 6 x 9,and so forth), and for many of children, their success or failure at maths hinges on doing well in this rudimentary area. The general theory amongst most teachers and parents is that the only way to get good at multiplying is to memorise the tables.

There is a major problem with that theory, though. No one ever teaches our kids how to memorise! People just assume that every child will memorise by just looking at the tables or by repeating them over and over again. OK, this works for some kids, but for the rest it is a real struggle.

Time Table Rhyme, either the printed flash cards or eBook, can help you and your child achieve greater success learning and remembering the multiplication times tables with minimum effort, and is ideally suited for grade one to grade six primary-school-age children.

Time Table Rhyme is based on 12 fun characters who get into all sorts of situations; colourful illustrations combined with a short story create a number image in your child's imagination. To a child, the maths multiplication tables have an abstract nature; they're a group of symbols with little meaning or purpose, boring and difficult to remember from one lesson to the next, or to memorise over a long period of time.

Our learning card system uses proven v19.95

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