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A Curious Light

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A Curious Light

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Description of A Curious Light :

As Joe carefully tapped the last shards of ice separating the crew from the figure, his mind suddenly cleared. “What are we doing?” He whirled away to those behind. “Are we all crazy? How do we know what this thing is? Nobody knows where we are. We sent out false co-ordinates to the company. What if something goes wrong?” “What could go wrong? That thing has to have been here for at least a thousand years. How else would it be so deep? You can’t tell me a thousand year-old mummy is gonna be dangerous! Move over. I’ll finish it.” Drew pushed Joe aside, but not before Morrie spoke up. “Then whose voice did we hear?” That brought all the men to a halt. “We didn’t actually hear a voice,” argued Charley, “We just thought the words. Maybe it was set to send out some kind of aural signal so somebody close enough could hear it.’ “Yeah, maybe there’s a message somewhere in there for earth.” Joe felt his resolve to back away from the adventure crumble in the face of their logic. He motioned Drew back to work and watched as the body was exposed. The ice was easier to separate from the body than was expected and soon there lay before them the figure of a man lying face down and wrapped in crystal chains. The body was perfectly preserved. No clothing hid the bulging muscles and sinews. The hands were clenched into the ice as though trying to move the glacier by sheer effort. Drew, closest to the creature, reached out and touched it. Instantly, he jerked back. “It’s warm!” He moved back forcibly until he was behind the others. “I tell you that thing’s alive! I agree with Joe. We need somebody to know where we are and what’s down here.” Morrie nodded, “We’ll send a message as soon as we’re back up top. But look at the chain! The thing can’t move as long as that chain is in place. Hey, Joe, what do you make of 8.00

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