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Hack It

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Description of Hack It (Latest Version 1.0):

A unique 3D Puzzle Game developed by THE CORE TEAM

Background Storyline:
Marvin the superhero on his arrival home from a hard day at the office (saving the world) realizes that a masterly criminal has mined all his valuable belongings. Everything, including the TV, aquarium, chess set, games console, etc. all have time bombs attached, what is he to do ?. By a stroke of luck, our superhero has large library of technical blue prints, sketches, detailed drawings and other high-tech equipment, which has served him well in his past.

Let's help Marvin defuse all the bombs to get back his stuff in an undamaged condition.

Challenge your mind in a game where you disarm bombs by solving 45 unique mind cracking puzzles against the clock in a veriety of 15 unique environments.

Each bomb consists of highly explosive material and a disordered electronic circuit that must be reorder to get disarmed. If you do not win the race against the clock all your belongings go BOOM!!

- 4 different game modes.
- Wide range of challanginging puzzle layouts ranging from easy 4 solution unit layouts up to high sophisticated layouts with up to 15 solution units.
- 15 unique game environments.
- 45 unique puzzles to solve.
- Breathtaking visual arts.

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