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Persistor.NET Professional

Download From 2Top Software Engineering GmbH Download Persistor.NET Professional from 2Top Software Engineering GmbH File Size: 72(KB)
Buy Persistor.NET Professional from RegNow Price: $1 (US)

Description of Persistor.NET Professional (Latest Version 1.4.1):

Persistor.NET® provides transparent persistence for pure object oriented development in the Microsoft® .NET Platform. Now you can model your classes and create complex object graphs in a completely database carefree manner - you don't have to keep in mind any relational limitations. Pure object oriented modelling without compromise: You can use inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces without any restrictions or special treatment. Database carefree: Persistor.NET® drives the underlying database completely transparent - no database setup, schema definition or access specification is required to be done in advance. Persistence for all classes: Using Persistor.NET® you can persist any classes. Persistor.NET® is not intrusive. Therefore you can persist classes from the .NET Framework or even from 3rd party assemblies. Persistor.NET® does not require specialized classes. Zero Configuration: You can start using Persistor.NET® without any handmade configuration or mapping definition. Persistor.NET® can create all required information automatically and transparent. Native Queries: Queries are stated in your programming language. Syntactical errors in query statements are detected already at compile-time not at rum-time. Ready for .NET Framework 2.0: Persistor.NET® supports features of the .NET Framework like generics or partial classes. Supports Agile/eXtreme Techniques: Persistor.NET® makes it easy to develop, evolve, and maintain software code in an agile manner.

Important information: Persistor.NET® Professional Licenses include one year of free upgrades and 1 support incident free of charge. Reporting a bug does not count as a support incident. Additional support is provided through our public newsgroups. Each developer needs a Persistor.NET® Professional license of his or her own. You may install and use a copy of the software on your compatible computer, up to the permitted number of users. Licenses1,249.00

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