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Gemara Tracker plus a Donation

Download From Ari Berdy Download Gemara Tracker plus a Donation from Ari Berdy
Buy Gemara Tracker plus a Donation from RegNow Price: $18 (US)

Description of Gemara Tracker plus a Donation :

You're pretty careful to learn and review your daily Daf, and you try to do Rashi if you have time. If only you had a quick way to determine how many pages you've done in this manner.

You know you've learned most of Bava Kama, Bava Metzia and part of Kesuvos. If only you had printed records spelling out exactly what you've done.

You have notes written on the side of your Gemara, explaining the Tosfos you've spent the past hour attempting to understand. It would be nice if they were legible.

You know you wrote notes strongly related to the Sugya you're currently learning. Unfortunately, you have absolutely no idea where they are, or even which Masechta they were regarding.

Frustrated Gemara learner, meet Gemara Tracker.

Tracking the Masechtos covered by the Daf Yomi schedule, Gemara Tracker will keep tabs on how many times you've learned the Gemara, Rashi and/or Tosfos for any page in Shas, as well as save all your notes for the same.

With Gemara Tracker you can view the next page's record, or jump directly to the record of any page in Shas.

In addition to Gemara Tracker's regular tracking tool for each page in Shas, it features the following:

At a Glance
Instantly know how many pages you've completed in the Masechta you're currently learning, a different Masechta or all of Shas. Count only the pages you want by excluding pages completed less than a certain number of times, or completed without Rashi or without Rashi and Tosfos.

Search Notes
Instantly search your notes for the Masechta you're currently learning, a different Masechta or all of Shas for any word or phrase.

Detailed Records Printing
Print progress reports for any Masechta in Shas or for the entire Shas, complete with customizable summaries.

Notes Printing
Print your notes for any Masechta in Shas or for the entire Shas.

This purchase price includes Gemara Tracker, plus a $6 donati18.00

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