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Blackjack Max Gold

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Blackjack Max Gold

Buy Blackjack Max Gold from RegNow Price: $49.95 (US)

Description of Blackjack Max Gold :

Gain confidence by determining the range of expectations of your particular blackjack playing technique, or develop a new technique. Don't risk money at casinos testing your system. Blackjack Max Gold will test it for free. Blackjack Max Gold is an invaluable tool for blackjack progression players. Should I increase my bet after each winning hand, and bet less after each loss? If so, lower and raise by how much? Should I stop play after a preset number of losses or winds? Run tests to answer these questions and hundreds more with Blackjack Max Gold! Casinos have taken measures to neutralize the advantage of card counting, such as the use of card shuffling machines. In the long run the house is going to win about 52 out of every 100 hands played. That is, if you play the Basic Strategy (make the play with the best mathematical advantage on every hand). The Basic Strategy table is included with Blackjack Max Gold. Players who do not employ Basic Strategy do worse, losing about 60 out of every 100 hands played. Blackjack Max Gold offers a virtually countless number of ways to experiment with progressions, so it will never get boring. Also, you can set it up practice Basic Strategy, to practice card counting, or to play the game for fun.

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