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NTKit Network Kit

Download From ipdetail Download NTKit Network Kit from ipdetail
Buy NTKit Network Kit from RegNow Price: $34.95 (US)

Description of NTKit Network Kit :

NTKit included next utilities:
    NTPING Pinging utility. Ping utility from the package of Windows and from others developers send next request when receive last reply. NTPING send request in the equal interval. This can help you to see the short-term mistake of network, sequence of receiving of packets, more results.
    TRACE Tracing utility. It sends all requests after start immediately. Trace saves you 5-30 seconds for one testing of network and shows short-term mistakes of network. TRACE shows countries of location of routers! (For recognizing of country TRACE use built-in data base, recognizing does not use the external server and does not increase time of testing).
    IP2CO Recognizing of country from IP address. It works with build-in data base. Time of recognize about 10ms. CO2CO Utility for converting country code in country name.
    WHOIS Whois client. It gets information about domain or IP address from whois server. Advantage: auto transform name of host and URL in domain or IP address for reverse whois.
    PORTSCAN Scanning of host for open ports (working network services). Show number of ports, short and full name of services. It includes data about 3000 services.
    NETSCAN Scanning network. It does ping scan and open ports (services) scan.
    HTTP This utility does GET HTTP request. It shows header and body of answer.

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