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School PC
The software is designed for management of computers at schools and training centres.
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Akangsoft DesktopRuler
Akangsoft DesktopRuler is very useful for programmers in user interface design phase, as well as for Web designers, graphic artists and anyone that needs to measure or align something on the screen.
[More Info] [Download from Akangsoft Corporation] [Buy from RegNow]

WebQuiz QuizMaker
Enjoy the power of simplicity Thanks to Quizmaker clean, friendly interface, you'll easily apply advanced features.
[More Info] [Download from Webquiz Solutions] [Buy from RegNow]

Teacher Organizer Deluxe
Teacher Organizer Deluxe for Windows: easy-to-use database management software that helps you to organize your school/teacher data.
[More Info] [Download from PrimaSoft PC, Inc.] [Buy from RegNow]

AWind QuizBuilder
AWind QuizBuilder enables you to easily create interactive Flash-based quizzes that can be used on a website, in a Learning Management System, as Word or Excel document.
[More Info] [Download from AWindsoft] [Buy from RegNow]

Netfast Screen Broadcast
Netfast Screen Broadcast is a small software that broadcasts one computer desktop to others over the LAN. It takes just a little CPU capacity to run. Based on mirror display driver, It can capture video image directly.
[More Info] [Download from Startsoft] [Buy from RegNow]

Productivity Booster
Productivity Booster provides quick access to system utilities, settings and folders that can at times be difficult or time consuming to locate.
[More Info] [Download from Best-of-Computing] [Buy from RegNow]

SOLO Typing Tutor
SOLO Typing Tutor is a modern typing tutor that can boast of a profound methodological basis. It is not just a program that calculates your typing speed and gives recommendations what to type next.
[More Info] [Download from Shachidjanjan V.V.] [Buy from RegNow]

Master Money Insane Profits Business Suite
Master Money Insane Profits Business Suite of 3 Informative and Resourceful Software. 1.Nationwide Newspaper Database Software with Powerful classified advertising tool features a database of 5,200 newspapers. Discounted nationwide advertising and more...
[More Info] [Download from Steve Powell] [Buy from RegNow]

Real Estate Agent License Prep
Real Estate agent license exam preparation online. Be ready to start in 40 minutes. Free live demo of complete chapter.
[More Info] [Download from Amelox Incorporated] [Buy from RegNow]

Real Estate Broker License Tutor
Real Estate broker license preparation online. All states. Start in 40 minutes. Free Live demo.
[More Info] [Download from Amelox Incorporated] [Buy from RegNow]

Prolingo English Dutch Talking Dictionary
Windows Vista Ready! Slang words Included. Audio pronunciation in 5 voices. Contains most of available words and is great solution same as for novice and experienced skill levels.
[More Info] [Download from WORDLANG PROLINGO SOLUTIONS] [Buy from RegNow]

FlashPoint is a powerful PowerPoint plug-in that convert PowerPoint to flash presentations, It is easy to use and provides accurate, small sized, file conversions.
[More Info] [Download from LLC] [Buy from RegNow]

Bingo Card Maker
Bingo Card Maker is an easy to use tool for creating and printing custom and random bingo cards. It is especially useful for teachers and parents to make educational bingo cards for students and children.
[More Info] [Download from Li Jianjun] [Buy from RegNow]

Thiller Driller
Thriller Driller facilitates the production of online, interactive drills. Similar to tools in course delivery software, Thriller Driller provides an interface between the teacher and the html and javascript needed to run a drill online.
[More Info] [Download from Ted Taylor Software] [Buy from RegNow]

Number plane pictures involve plotting points onto an x-y grid and joining the points together to form a picture. Griddraw is the only program of its type which allows users to make a number plane picture in a few clicks.
[More Info] [Download from Craig Ayers] [Buy from RegNow]

Five Step Puzzle Maker
Five Step Puzzles have been tested with real students in real classroom situations and have always been found to engage the students completely until they solve the puzzle.
[More Info] [Download from Craig Ayers] [Buy from RegNow]

Humpty Dumpty Interactive (Mac)
This animated nursery rhyme reads itself to your child and then each verse has an activity page with humorous animations and games which explore the story concepts.
[More Info] [Download from Baby Fun Game] [Buy from RegNow]

Keyboard Master Typing Tutor Pro
Keyboard Master Pro is a net version of the program which allows to manage the typing course in the local area network (LAN).
[More Info] [Download from NAHLIK SOFT] [Buy from RegNow]

Study Partner Basic
Thank you for registering Study Partner Basic! Please visit
[More Info] [Download from Applied Technology Products, Inc.] [Buy from RegNow]

CompTIA A+ Essentials Practice Tests
CompTIA A+ Essentials Practice Tests from Study Hall Software is a study aid for persons preparing for A+ certification.
[More Info] [Download from Study Hall Software] [Buy from RegNow]

University Info Fast Reader
This software allows you to read 3800+ Universities Information from 189+ countries.
[More Info] [Download from YeiFei Software Inc] [Buy from RegNow]

Hand Writing Factory
Create writing worksheets with a dashed font. You can enter any text or letters for the kids to trace and learn how to write. Add a title and clipart to the top of the page to make it fun. Save and load your worksheets to print anytime.
[More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]

QuizLearner is a multiple-choice quiz creation tool aimed at vocabulary-building. You can use it to make quizzes to print out or test yourself on the computer.
[More Info] [Download from QuizLearner] [Buy from RegNow]

Home Wealth Values 2007
Home Wealth Values is the best Mortgage Savings Tracker available to homeowners today. It reveals the hottest mortgage strategies for building equity fast. A shocking report tells you how to build equity faster without any of your own money.
[More Info] [Download from IntelliRel] [Buy from RegNow]

QuizLearner is a multiple-choice quiz creation tool aimed at vocabulary-building. You can use it to make quizzes to print out or test yourself on the computer.
[More Info] [Download from QuizLearner] [Buy from RegNow]

Standardized Test
Standardized Test is a professional computerized testing application designed for school use over a LAN or on a single computer.
[More Info] [Download from SiQiSoft Company] [Buy from RegNow]

Yellow Brick Road
The only interactive software program that helps our children become technology literate by grade 8.
[More Info] [Download from Yellow Brick Road Tech] [Buy from RegNow]

EDraw Soft Diagrammer
EDraw is a new UML diagram and software diagram drawing tool for software engineers and designers.
[More Info] [Download from EDrawSoft] [Buy from RegNow]

Bergmans IQ Tests
Iq test similar to Mensa's IQ test. Improve your Mensa test result by solving similar problems. It has shown that a person who takes the iq test for Mensa entrance twice often has a better result at the second time.
[More Info] [Download from Bergman Data AB] [Buy from RegNow]

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