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O&O Defrag Pro
You will receive information electronically immediately after...
[More Info] [Download from O&O Software GmbH] [Buy from RegNow]

TweakNow PowerPack 2005 Pro
TweakNow PowerPack is a fully-integrated suite of utilities that let you fine-tune every aspect of your computer's operating system and Web browser. The RAM Idle program manages the free memory that is available to run Windows programs.
[More Info] [Download from Tweak Now] [Buy from RegNow]

Girder is the most powerful and feature rich Windows automation tool available. Girder controls programs like WinAmp and Windows Media Player using infrared and wireless remote controls so you can sit back and enjoy your digital library from your couch.
[More Info] [Download from Promixis] [Buy from RegNow]

X2Net SmartBoard
X2Net SmartBoard is a powerful multiuser clipboard extender. It captures everything that passes through the clipboard as you copy and paste in all apps, stores regularly used data, and makes it very simple to categorise, find and retrieve.
[More Info] [Download from X2Net Limited] [Buy from RegNow]

RegEdit.NET is an advanced tool for changing settings in your PocketPC registry, which contains information about how your device runs. With RegEdit.
[More Info] [Download from Jobro Software] [Buy from RegNow]

BootMaster Rescue Disk
BootMaster PLUS is a powerful and easy to use rescue diskette for Windows 2000 & XP systems. Includes unique DOS/NT dual boot capability. Recovers deleted FAT and NTFS partitions with a few keystrokes. Recovers & undeletes files on FAT or NTFS volumes.
[More Info] [Download from FileRecovery.Biz] [Buy from RegNow]

System TuneUp
System TuneUp is a collection of utilities to optimize your system performance and to remove unneeded files and internet tracks.
[More Info] [Download from Tecraft] [Buy from RegNow]

Application Blocker
Application Blocker has the ability to block access to selected application preventing the user from running unauthorized software and wasting time doing things they shouldn't be doing.
[More Info] [Download from SCES Software] [Buy from RegNow]

WinProcesses is an easy-to-use utility which allow you to view a lot of information about processes: process' threads, process' modules and many other usable information. Also it shows CPU usage history for every process and for whole system.
[More Info] [Download from Digital Fantasy] [Buy from RegNow]

SecureMYpc Spyware Defense and Removal Version 2.0 breaks new ground in design and functionality. Our utility detects, removes and protects your computer from thousands of spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, spybots and malious threats.
[More Info] [Download from GSI Concepts] [Buy from RegNow]

LogiGuard Master Mechanic
Each tool found within Master Mechanic is designed to give you the best results to keep your system functioning smoothly and consistently.
[More Info] [Download from LogiGuard LLC] [Buy from RegNow]

AMUST Registry Cleaner
AMUST Registry Cleaner introduces radically new approach to Windows registry maintenance that combines latest technology and deepest knowledge to reach unparalleled level of system performance improvement and problem resolution...
[More Info] [Download from AMUST Software Ltd.] [Buy from RegNow]

Keystroke Converter
Keystroke Converter can customize your keyboard layout, change any key on the keyboard to other keys, replace keyboard shortcuts, execute micro or windows action.
[More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]

Easy Macro Recorder
Easy Macro Recorder is a handy utility that makes your computers automatically do work for you.
[More Info] [Download from Li Jianjun] [Buy from RegNow]

Key Transformation
Key Transformation can customize your keyboard layout, change any key on the keyboard to other keys. Its on-screen-keyboard ( soft keyboard ) is very easy to use.
[More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]

Registry Repair
Registry Repair is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that allows you to safely scan, clean, and repair registry problems.Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages.
[More Info] [Download from GlarySoft] [Buy from RegNow]

Program Sleuth
Is your computer running slower then it used to? Often this is because of hidden or hung programs running on your computer that you can't even see. Some of these hidden programs may be Viruses, Trojans or Worms.
[More Info] [Download from Bottle Cap Software LLC] [Buy from RegNow]

Spyware Doctor
Scan your PC with Spyware Doctor to detect malicious spyware infections now!
[More Info] [Download from PC Tools] [Buy from RegNow]

Hide Window Now
Hide Window Now allows you the privacy you have always desired at home and in your office. It is a utility which allows you to hide the windows, and programs which are running on your desktop, without closing them.
[More Info] [Download from Anloer Software] [Buy from RegNow]

CD Ejector
CD-Ejector is designed to provide flexibility, and control for your CD-ROM Drive or Drives.
[More Info] [Download from Hattech Technologies] [Buy from RegNow]

WINner Tweak
WINner Tweak is a tools suite for tweaking, optimizing and tuning of Windows XP/2003/2000.
[More Info] [Download from WINner Tweak Software Development Team] [Buy from RegNow]

PC Auto Shutdown
PC Auto Shutdown is a handy utility that help you shutdown, power off, reboot, hibernate, suspend or log off computers at schedule time you specifies. It gives you different ways to schedule the shutdown event, such as daily, weekly and only once.
[More Info] [Download from Li Jianjun] [Buy from RegNow]

The TVSAssistant program is designed for the most simple and convenient setting of Panasonic Voice Processing System (KX-TVS50) parameters.
[More Info] [Download from PBXSoftware] [Buy from RegNow]

Swift Paste
Swift Paste is a powerful clipboard software. Windows clipboard can only store one data when you cut or copy data. Swift Paste can store multiple datas and easy paste these datas to active window.
[More Info] [Download from YXJTY] [Buy from RegNow]

You will receive information electronically immediately after...
[More Info] [Download from SymplisIT Corporation] [Buy from RegNow]

WebBinder is designed for creation of complex authorization scenarios and extension of behavior of standard HTTP environment of Lotus Domino.
[More Info] [Download from WebSoft] [Buy from RegNow]

Floppy Zip Disk Rescue
Floppy Zip Disk Rescue is an easy-to-use tool to rescue corrupt file from Floppy disk and ZIP disk or other peripheral devices, It fast scans disk sectors, rescues the damaged files and copies the correct data to hard disk as possible as it can.
[More Info] [Download from DigitByte Studio] [Buy from RegNow]

WinSettings Pro
Have a faster, cleaner, and error-free PC.
[More Info] [Download from FileStream, Inc.] [Buy from RegNow]

If you are frustrated by the limitations of the standard Windows command prompt, then 4NT is the one command line tool you truly need.
[More Info] [Download from JP Software] [Buy from RegNow]

Take Command
Take Command offers a new approach to working in Windows, bringing users the power of the command line and the ease of use of the Windows interface. Take Command supports existing CMD.
[More Info] [Download from JP Software] [Buy from RegNow]

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