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Personal Information Manager
Take control of your life, and easily organize your tasks, meetings, keep track of your notes and passwords, with this new software.
[More Info] [Download from SC EXS CORPORATION SRL] [Buy from RegNow]

Oxygen Phone Manager
Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS phones lets your PC and mobile phone with Symbian OS communicate with each other. The program allows you to work with Phonebook, Calendar, To-Do List, Images, Melodies and Messages.
[More Info] [Download from Oxygen Software] [Buy from RegNow]

InfoRecall XP
A information management technology is so powerful it should cost a fortune (but doesn't), and so simple and quick to use it ought to deliver only a few benefits (but it delivers every benefit very well). This is the 9th version of Info-Recall.
[More Info] [Download from Phantech Software Inc] [Buy from RegNow]

MyTime Assist
Time Assist provides great opportunities for personal time scheduling.
[More Info] [Download from Almeza Research] [Buy from RegNow]

Practice Manager
Practice Manager is a complete contact management system designed to track every aspect of your ever growing contact list. Along with the standard list of information. Also includes a scheduler and Tasks.
[More Info] [Download from Trackfolio] [Buy from RegNow]

EssentialPIM Pro
EssentialPIM is the award-winning, absolutely free personal information manager. Supported by a large community of users, EPIM has been widely acknowledged as the best personal information management system on any desktop or USB flash.
[More Info] [Download from EPIM Ltd.] [Buy from RegNow]

XMultimediaDiary is a creative multimedia diary/document-keeper software completely support multimedia information including insert Music,Animated Emotions,any Pictures,Videos,Flash(or Flash Specially Effect),Links...
[More Info] [Download from xdesksoft] [Buy from RegNow]

XDeskCal is a pretty,fully customizable calendar and PIM features Todo-list,Appointments,Alarms,Holidays and displays its data on your desktop. It is a very lightweight application that doesn't use much system resources or take much space on your desktop.
[More Info] [Download from xdesksoft] [Buy from RegNow]

Screen Calendar
Screen Calendar software creates custom desktop wallpapers with built in active calendar. You can set up pleasant working atmosphere by changing desktop view (background image, calendar arrangement, fonts, colors etc.
[More Info] [Download from Oleg Grabets] [Buy from RegNow]

Easy Notes
Easy Notes is an Easy-to-Use and Powerful Utility for Storing or managing Notes. With the Easy Notes Standard version, you can easily create your own notes, stick notes on your computer desktop, and add alarms to your notes as reminders.
[More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]

After your registration, you'll get your registration code via e-mail immediately. Enter your registration code direct into the program (Menu Help/Registration). The save menu items will be enabled.
[More Info] [Download from Henry Kellner] [Buy from RegNow]

Chronos for Smarphones
Chronos fills the gap in PocketPC operating system by offering unlimited number of alarms and timers with customizable sound (MP3 and OGG supported) and time settings. Two countdowns with laptimes will let you track time spent on certain tasks.
[More Info] [Download from Dmitry Yakimov] [Buy from RegNow]

X2Net Contacts
X2Net Contacts provides powerful features that allow you to manage, build and consolidate all your contact information into one place.
[More Info] [Download from X2Net Limited] [Buy from RegNow]

Notes Organizer Deluxe
Notes Organizer Deluxe is a flexible database management software with ready to use notes management solutions.
[More Info] [Download from PrimaSoft PC, Inc.] [Buy from RegNow]

WinNotes 2005
WinNotes 2005 is an effective task manager that will help you organize your tasks and meetings. Organizer has a user-friendly interface with useable task and meetings reminders.
[More Info] [Download from Rich Media Software] [Buy from RegNow]

Info Angel
Info Angel is a personal organizer and reliable partner for those who value their information and time.
[More Info] [Download from Angelic Software] [Buy from RegNow]

CO Pocket PC Sync
If you have a Pocket PC or a Windows powered Smartphone, you can synchronize your C-Organizer, including Appointments, Tasks and Address Book with your Pocket PC. You can do this using our CO Pocket PC Sync synchronization utility.
[More Info] [Download from CSoft Lab] [Buy from RegNow]

CO Palm Sync
C-Organizer Pro users are not limited to desktop PCs. We have developed the CO Palm Sync utility so you can synchronize Appointments, Tasks and Address Book from C-Organizer Pro with Palm-compatible devices.
[More Info] [Download from CSoft Lab] [Buy from RegNow]

FlashDrive PIM
FlashDrive PIM is a powerful Personal Information Manager for use on portable devices, such as USB flash drives.
[More Info] [Download from EPIM Ltd.] [Buy from RegNow]

Easy Contacts Manager
Easy Contacts Manager is a tried and true program that will help you easily store and manage contact information.
[More Info] [Download from LenoSoft Development] [Buy from RegNow]

Chronos for Pocket PC
Chronos fills the gap in Windows Mobile operating system by offering Unlimited number of highly customizable alarms: Alarms can be set to signal only on certain days of the week; alarms can be one-time or repetitive; alarm can notif...
[More Info] [Download from ZipCure Ltd.] [Buy from RegNow]

Claymore Scheduler
The Claymore Scheduler is designed to allow multiple employees' day planners be managed from a single location. This is particularly useful in a dispatch type environment.
[More Info] [Download from Blink Development] [Buy from RegNow]

TaoNotes 3D Pro
Advanced notetaking...
[More Info] [Download from Actitrend SOFTWARE] [Buy from RegNow]

X2Net SmartAddress
X2Net Smart Address provides powerful Contact Management for single or multiple users across both local and wide area networks.
[More Info] [Download from X2Net Limited] [Buy from RegNow]

Advanced notetaking...
[More Info] [Download from Actitrend SOFTWARE] [Buy from RegNow]

Alive Business Organizer
"Alive Business Organizer represents a versatile personal electronic organizer for control of your personal information.
[More Info] [Download from Vitolab software] [Buy from RegNow]

Alive Event Manager
"Alive Event Manager represents a versatile electronic calendar, which will not allow you to miss any important event (a memorable date, a birthday, etc.).
[More Info] [Download from Vitolab software] [Buy from RegNow]

Alive Note Manager
"Alive Note Manager represents a versatile electronic book of entries and notes. The program allows creating an arbitrary number of notes, which can be conveniently placed in subject folders.
[More Info] [Download from Vitolab software] [Buy from RegNow]

Alive Task Manager
"Alive Task Manager represents a simple and efficient tool for planning of diverse tasks. The use of Alive Task Manager is not reduced just to documentation of required activities.
[More Info] [Download from Vitolab software] [Buy from RegNow]

Alive Address Book
"Alive Address Book is a sterling electronic address book. Alive Address Book largely outperforms its analogs. The program supports the tree-type structure of the contact list.
[More Info] [Download from Vitolab software] [Buy from RegNow]

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