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DWGViewX Unlimited License
A lite and fast dwg viewer, browse , view and print DWG, DXF files. Supports AutoCAD 2008 drawings. It supports hyperlink blocks as a powerful function. Involved quick dimension driver and markup saving options.
[More Info] [Download from AutoDWG] [Buy from RegNow]
Chart Pro Ocx
The ActiveX control ChartPro.ocx is designed to build professional applications with bar charts. This control ensures a fast and easy way to build bar chart with few lines of code.
[More Info] [Download from Gaia Consulting] [Buy from RegNow]
XSign ActiveX XML Signature Component
XSign is an ActiveX software component. XSign has been developed for secure personal and business transactions. It enables XML digital signatures using certificates over the Internet and intranet.
[More Info] [Download from Lizard Labs] [Buy from RegNow]
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Compilers & Interpreters

Msi to Exe Converter Pro
MSI to EXE Converter helps you convert msi to exe file with no quality lossing, free to convert msi to exe with the trail version , if convert exe with commercial using , get the full version , then edit the exe file' icon,company name...
[More Info] [Download from Eg Soft] [Buy from RegNow]
Msi to Exe Converter
UgeUE MSI to EXE Converter helps you convert msi to exe file with no quality lossing, free to convert msi to exe with the trail version , if convert exe with commercial using , get the full version , then edit the exe file' icon,company name...
[More Info] [Download from EgeCMS.Com] [Buy from RegNow]
Simple basic like script language with component to include in different kind of applications.Automatic typing system, no definition required. Extendable by using .NET class libraties.
[More Info] [Download from Willmansoft] [Buy from RegNow]
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Components & Libraries

Multipage scanning of documents to tiff file; Working with tiff files - get graphic page from file/add graphic page to file; Printing EAN13 barcode verticalhorizontal, scaling; Recognition of EAN13 barcodes - horizontal, vertical...
[More Info] [Download from Michael Begunov] [Buy from RegNow]
OstroSoft SMTP Component
.NET assembly for sending emails programmatically using C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VB, JavaScript, SQL and other .NET or COM-compliant programming and scripting languages and environments.
[More Info] [Download from OstroSoft] [Buy from RegNow]
Menu for ASP.NET
ComponentUs Menu is a powerful AJAX-enabled component for ASP.NET 2.0. All popular browsers supported. Menu is keyboard friendly. Use the arrow keys to navigate menu items, use shortcut keys to activate menu items.
[More Info] [Download from ComponentUs] [Buy from RegNow]
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Databases & Networks

DBEasy is one of the most powerful applications based-windows platform database management. DBEasy software can manage MSSQL, Oracle, Access, Excel and DBF databases. DBEasy easily see table structure and data. It can easily import and export data.
[More Info] [Download from cirdirsoft] [Buy from RegNow]
Australia Postcodes Database
Detailed database of Australia cities, post codes, country code, latitude, longitude, admin name in a single package. This information can be used to design auto fill forms for websites, blogs, forums etc.
[More Info] [Download from Queryready] [Buy from RegNow]
D-Softs Schema Comparer
DBC ensuring your applications don't fail due to a missing database structure object DBC (Database Compare) is a fast, comprehensive database structure and data comparison tool.
[More Info] [Download from D-Softs] [Buy from RegNow]
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Debug Software

RoutineBot is an interface automation testing software. It allows to create scripts to test interface of software systems just like human testers would do it.
[More Info] [Download from AKS-Labs] [Buy from RegNow]
Debug Assistant Professional
Debug Assistant is a Visual Studio package designed to help programmers and anaylysts in debugging, profiling, code analyzing and testing processes. Debug Assistant does this by recording program execution and presenting a program execution flow.
[More Info] [Download from Seinactive Software] [Buy from RegNow]
Debug Assistant
Debug Assistant is a Visual Studio package designed to help programmers and anaylysts in debugging, profiling, code analyzing and testing processes. Debug Assistant does this by recording program execution and presenting a program execution flow.
[More Info] [Download from Seinactive Software] [Buy from RegNow]
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IDEs & Coding Utilities

C-Free 4 Professional
C-Free is a professional C/C++ integrated development environment (IDE) that support multi-compilers. With this software, user can edit, build, run and debug programs freely.
[More Info] [Download from Program Arts] [Buy from RegNow]
CNC Backplot Editor
Let this program draw the tool path of any G-Code program on the screen. This program will help you write NC code programs or to learn how to write NC programs or event to debug such programs.
[More Info] [Download from CAD-KAS GbR] [Buy from RegNow]
Code Line Counter Pro
Code Line Counter Pro - VB Version may be helpful for Visual Basic programmers, project managers and other customers who need an overview of a project source code. This easy-to-use application will help you get detailed reports on the source code.
[More Info] [Download from BistoneSoft] [Buy from RegNow]
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SimplifyJT can make that develops and deploys multi-threading java application so simple. This is a convenient and practical tool. Developer just needs extends Task class to complete plugin development.
[More Info] [Download from zhouqian] [Buy from RegNow]
Universal VisioViewer
This software is a viewer for MS Visio documents in XML format, in which all the functions are coded in Java language so that it is platform-independent...
[More Info] [Download from Beijing DawnInfo Tech. Co.] [Buy from RegNow]
JxCapture Cross-Desktop
JxCapture, the new product by TeamDev Ltd., is a Java library that allows adding different screen capturing abilities to your Java software.
[More Info] [Download from TeamDev Ltd.] [Buy from RegNow]
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Management & Distribution

Creates professional Setups for Pocket PC. The clear wizard guides you to a ready installation.
[More Info] [Download from GPSur Dr. Erhard Regener] [Buy from RegNow]
Quick PocketSetup
Quick PocketSetup is the easy way to create setups for Pocket PC. Just a few steps to a professional Setup Create, manage and deploy The friendly wizard guides you to a ready, well documented?etup.
[More Info] [Download from GPSur Dr. Erhard Regener] [Buy from RegNow]
EziSubmit Pro
Get more sales. Sell more software. Get on more software download sites. Get your product seen in more places and get more links to your site. EziSubmit is a great way to upload your shareware or freeware.
[More Info] [Download from Gss EziSoft] [Buy from RegNow]
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Reference & Tutorials

Microsoft Office Access 2007 Desktop Databases
Microsoft Access is an application used to create small and midsize computer desktop databases for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It can also be used as a database server for a web-based application.
[More Info] [Download from FunctionX] [Buy from RegNow]
River Past Windows Mobile Presenter
Windows Mobile Presenter runs on a standard Windows PC, and show the screen from a connected SmartPhone or Pocket PC device, and allows you to capture the WM screen to a BMP or JPG file.
[More Info] [Download from River Past] [Buy from RegNow]
C# Practical Learning
This ebook teaches C# as the language is implemented in both Microsoft Visual C# and Borland C# Builder.
[More Info] [Download from FunctionX] [Buy from RegNow]
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Source Code

Photo Viewer
Get in on the digital picture album business with an easy to use and set up program. Your clients can create secure online accounts and automatically pay their picture viewer subscription fees to your PayPal enabled merchant account.
[More Info] [Download from EZ 1Hour Web] [Buy from RegNow]
EzALV generates ALV program using the Standard SAP Function Modules. Developing ALV Report program whenever a need arises the ABAP programmer needs to code the report and it might take few hours.
[More Info] [Download from Citisoftech] [Buy from RegNow]
FrostShield Source Code
Keep your PC out of...
[More Info] [Download from FireLion Co., Ltd] [Buy from RegNow]
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Tools & Editor

AptEdit U3
AptEdit is a 32-bit, full-featured text, hexadecimal, drive, and web editor. It offers many powerful features to view and edit just about any text or binary file, and it's an excellent source editor for Web page authors, developers, and programmers.
[More Info] [Download from Brother Technology] [Buy from RegNow]
TestStation is built around a simple concept: record everything that the QA person does while testing a software product. It automatically captures the test machine's screen just like a Cam recorder so the developer can see exactly what the QA person did.
[More Info] [Download from REALCODE Development] [Buy from RegNow]
Aimersoft Video Joiner
Aimersoft Video Joiner is a professional video tool to join multiple video files into one, it can join multiple same or different formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV and etc. files into a single video.
[More Info] [Download from Aimersoft] [Buy from RegNow]
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