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    Invisible Secrets - Prevent unwanted people from reading your private files and communications.
    Invisible Secrets

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    Antivirus Software

    HK Anti-Spyware
    HK Anti-Spyware is designed for detecting, removing and protecting your PC from potential threats including spyware, adware, malware, virus, and Trojan.
    [More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]
    USB Threat Defender
    USB Threat Defender is the ultimate USB Anti-Virus solution, its unique Proactive and Definition scan Technology combined together unleashes a new security stronghold level. USB Threat Defender is not just another autorun.
    [More Info] [Download from ArzooSoft Solutions] [Buy from RegNow]
    The best solution for providing a maximum protection against spyware, adware, malware and other threats to your PC.
    [More Info] [Download from ScanSpyware] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Backup Software

    Genie TimeLine
    Genie Timeline is a time machine backup software for Windows that automatically, wirelessly and continuously backs up music files, videos, photos, documents...
    [More Info] [Download from Genie-Soft] [Buy from RegNow]
    Remote Backup Magic Pro
    Hard drive crashes, viruses and other data-erasing disasters can happen any time. If you dont have backups you can lose irreplacable data like digital photos, business files, tax records, and other important information.
    [More Info] [Download from Rebrand Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    gBurner is a powerful and easy-to-use CD/DVD burning tool, which allows you to create and burn data/audio CDs and DVDs, make bootable data CDs and DVDs, create multisession discs.
    [More Info] [Download from gBurner Systems, Inc.] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Desktop Enhancements

    WindowMove allows you to move hidden or off screen windows back onto the main display.
    [More Info] [Download from Proficio Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    With Presto you can start up your computer in seconds ?or shut down instantly, like magic. Send e-mail, chat, Skype? listen to music, surf the internet or download apps ?before Windows XP or Vista even boots.
    [More Info] [Download from Xandros, Inc.] [Buy from RegNow]
    ABCalculator - offered absolutely original and convenient way of mathematical calculations. Their program ABCalc allows to carry out calculations on ?the - fly, directly in operating document.
    [More Info] [Download from HKeyTools] [Buy from RegNow]
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    File & Disk Management

    Mosoosoft File Sync
    File Sync is a robust file synchronization software for home and small to medium business environments. It automates the synchronization of data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives and more.
    [More Info] [Download from Mosoo Software.] [Buy from RegNow]
    Archive Manager
    Quite simply there really is no better, more reliable, more cost effective solution to congested NTFS shares or mapped network drives than Archive Manager.
    [More Info] [Download from Mltek] [Buy from RegNow]
    Private Label File Renamer
    Master resell rights private label software! Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics! As you know, Windows doesn't make it very easy to rename files.
    [More Info] [Download from Rebrand Software] [Buy from RegNow]
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    File Compression

    SuperCool Multiple ZIP
    SuperCool Multiple ZIP - A utility to work with multi zip files. Its primary function is to extract files from multiple zip and create multi-zip.
    [More Info] [Download from CUI WEI] [Buy from RegNow]
    Excel Super Compare
    Excel Super Compare is a super-powerful Excel tools software, it provides a comprehensive and effective security and easy comparison of files, group sum, merge records, add blank rows to record screening the top five functional modules.
    [More Info] [Download from threeonly] [Buy from RegNow]
    DVD2Zune is an affordable, easy to use, all-in-one, one-click DVD and video converter for all Zunes, XBOX 360 and Desktop/Laptop computers * DVD2Zune converts MOVIE DVDs and TV DVDs as well as video files without the need for any additional software..
    [More Info] [Download from DVD Catalyst] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Font Tools

    LCD Font Maker 3
    LCD Font Maker 3 can make pixel font data for LCD. Source font comes from all windows truetype font and BMP picture. Character Set support unicode.
    [More Info] [Download from C51BBS LTD.] [Buy from RegNow]
    QK BarCode Generator
    QK Barcode Generator lets you make professional, ready-to-print barcode graphics easily and quickly. The powerful preview function helps you output bar codes to a printer easily. You can print barcodes on one paper with normal printer.
    [More Info] [Download from PtShare] [Buy from RegNow]
    Xml2PDF Hotfolder
    Xml2PDF is hot folder based XML to PDF converter. This software use the common strategy named hot or watch folders. It looks in certain folders called "hot folders" for XSL-FO, SVG, XHTML or XML files.
    [More Info] [Download from Altsoft] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Icon Tools

    Easy Icon Maker
    Easy Icon Maker is a small and easy-to-use all-in-one icon utility for icon making, editing, changing, extracting, searching, and exploring. It allows you editing a transparent or opaque icon.
    [More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]
    Total Icon Organizer
    Total Icon Organizer lets you search your collections of icons with ease. You can search your icon collection by various criteria (file type, name, height, width). Besides, you can exclude certain icons from search.
    [More Info] [Download from Helmsman] [Buy from RegNow]
    Coffee Find Icons Easy
    Coffee Find Icons Easy is a small utility for Windows, allows you to find thousands of icons in your files, folders and drives and manage icon collections!Search window icons in all your computer files starting with the selected folder.
    [More Info] [Download from Leskysoft] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Easy to use, No programming is required. Run 1000+ tasks a day. This task scheduler and automation software can automate a variety of tasks, including FTP transfers, FTP monitoring, e-mail checking, Telnet, ping, copy,and directory and file monitoring.
    [More Info] [Download from Hitek Software LLC] [Buy from RegNow]
    Fast Tray
    Fast Tray is a tray launcher that lets you gain quick access to most frequently used applications and system commands via a customizable menu.
    [More Info] [Download from, inc] [Buy from RegNow]
    Hotkey Commander
    Explore and manage hotkeys in your system. Find out what hotkey combination is in use by which program. Disable or Override them with a brand-new keystroke strategy including key combinations and sequences.
    [More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Network Tools

    WiFi Sharing Manager
    WiFi Sharing Manager - Share WiFi to your second computer which lacks wireless adapter card. WiFi Sharing Manager is an easy-to-use handy software that turns any WLAN-connected laptop into a LAN router (or called "Gateway").
    [More Info] [Download from Network Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    Virtual Access Point
    Virtual Access Point (Virtual AP) - Share your Internet through Wireless. Virtual AP is an easy-to-use software that turns any LAN-connected PC into a Wi-Fi wireless access point. So anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing.
    [More Info] [Download from Network Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    WinSuperKit is a powerful network toolkit that is used to list ip address and MAC address of all PCs on network neighborhood, find ip address of a special host or host name of a specail ip address on internet or intranet, ping a host...
    [More Info] [Download from iToolware] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Optimizers & Diagnostics

    Email Utils
    Email Utils is program for a validation and prepairing email database for large and small quantity.
    [More Info] [Download from RED ZION d.o.o.] [Buy from RegNow]
    Process Controller
    Process Controller give you control over the processes running on your Computers and Terminal/Citrix Servers. Optimised for Terminal servers, it enhances the performance of these servers by giving you control over the processes that run on them.
    [More Info] [Download from Mltek] [Buy from RegNow]
    Digeus Junk Files Cleaner
    How many junk files does your computer have? Do you often notice that your PC just doesn’t run as smoothly as it used to? Each time you use your computer, temporary files and junk files can pile up behind-the-scenes.
    [More Info] [Download from Digeus] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Printer Tools

    FastPrint is a quick and easy utility for printing raw print or PRN files in a Windows printer, bypassing the printer driver. Main features: 1. Fast multi-job engine - It is able of running various jobs (printers) simultaneously.
    [More Info] [Download from AllWeb Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    One Cat Picture Printer
    One Cat Picture Printer does one thing and it does it extremely well. It prints pictures.
    [More Info] [Download from One Man And A Cat Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    Accurate Printer Monitor
    Printer monitoring is indeed a lot of companies all over the world should invest in.
    [More Info] [Download from AGG Software] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Screensavers Maker

    SWB Webcam Monitor
    SWB WebCam Surveillance Monitor is an easy-to-use motion detector that monitors your home, office, kids, pets, any place or anything you want. Your video surveillance system is on guard 24 hours a day. WebCam Monitor is a smart video security solution.
    [More Info] [Download from SWB Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    Screen Saver Builder
    True Screen Saver Builder Full Edition is a powerful screen saver maker to create, compile and distribute a compact, single file, Windows standard, high-quality, screen savers for you without any programming.
    [More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]
    BadmintonChicago Screen saver
    The first badminton game includes screensavers for badminton enthusiasts. The screensavers showcase non-stop rallys in single play or double play with a camera rotation of 360 degrees and POV.
    [More Info] [Download from Badminton Screensaver] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Security & Encryption

    Secure Folder Hider
    A quick and easy way to protect sensitive information on your computer from children, employers, and anyone else who uses your computer, including hackers! This software will hide your sensitive files so that they cant be seen or accessed.
    [More Info] [Download from Rebrand Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    Hijack Defender
    This software will help you to protect your computer against common attempts that malicious programs use to hijack your computer.
    [More Info] [Download from Rebrand Software] [Buy from RegNow]
    Anti Theft Software that keeps your laptop safe has never been easier.It tracks the location of your lost or stolen laptop using the latest technology to identify a thief’s whereabouts! And it protects your sensitive laptop data and information.
    [More Info] [Download from AmeriChannels, LLC] [Buy from RegNow]
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    System Utilities

    Advanced Task Scheduler
    Advanced Task Scheduler - is a multifunctional task scheduler, which allows launching programs and batch files, opening documents and Internet pages, displaying popup reminders, playing sounds, shutting down and restarting computer...
    [More Info] [Download from] [Buy from RegNow]
    IT Asset Manager
    IT asset management All hardware and the software carry on the whole to the entire current IT environment inside property questioning and the management Cross platform solution Computer resource management from Windows to Linux, Apple Mac...
    [More Info] [Download from Obizy] [Buy from RegNow]
    Easy Mac Data Recovery
    This Mac Data Recovery Software can recover files fro mac osx system,it can recover mac data from corrupted, deleted, formatted partitions and from crashed drives where Macintosh based file system are installed.
    [More Info] [Download from FileConv NetWorks] [Buy from RegNow]
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    Magic Jack Uninstaller
    Magic Jack Uninstaller will remove all traces of MagicJack from your computer! It will find all ofyour changed registry values and safely and completely bring your computer back to where it was before you installed it.
    [More Info] [Download from Expired Domain Sleuth] [Buy from RegNow]
    Uninstall Expert
    Uninstall Expert is an easy-in-use and powerful applications that helps you to uninstall unneeded programs completely from your computer.
    [More Info] [Download from HotDownload] [Buy from RegNow]
    Many software titles on Mac OS come with the uninstall directions of simply "Drag the application to the Trash and empty it". In reality, this often leaves many related files on the computer taking up valuable hard drive space.
    [More Info] [Download from Koingo Software] [Buy from RegNow]
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